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The Performance Zone Net Talent Calculator

Here's the Revolutionary "Net Talent" Employee Performance Scoring Dial
(It scores the Candidate's or Incumbent's Natural NetTalents & Abilities vs. the Specific Needs of the Position)

Discover how Nobel Nominee Dr. Robert S Hartman's most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter has translated his revolutionary human decision research into a reliable human performance science that enables you to design performance!

The Game has changed...and you're invited to experience the power of this applied scientific system. It answers your "who to hire and promote" questions, enables real incumbent development, and opens the door to effective teamwork based upon the solid science of "how the human business brain works!"

We've been chasing Top Performance for 25 years.  Alas, there is NO Single SILVER BULLET...but there IS a RELIABLE PERFORMANCE SYSTEM that you can trust.  If you've been frustrated in the past, you should find what we've developed to be quite revolutionary.

First, we MEASURE and SCORE a unique group of proven KPIs (Key Performance Indicators - including Critical Thinking Capacity, Internal Motivators and Natural Behavioral Style)...then YOU can actually ask those Integrated Key Performance Indicators specific JOB PERFORMANCE QUESTIONS...and best of all, SEE THE ANSWERS in REAL TIME! It's OK to be skeptical, Ask us for a complementary demo...This has NEVER BEFORE BEEN POSSIBLE...but NOW IT IS! You won't be disappointed!

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Like Net profit, or Net loss...Net Talent is a superior way to measure and predict employee performance.

It is the strength of one's strengths impacted by the strength of one's performance blockers.

Since EVERYONE has natural strengths and EVERYONE has natural PERFORMANCE BLOCKERS...for the first time ever, there is a scientifically reliable way to measure "NET TALENT"...and the contribution to performance that it will produce!

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Here's a short Overview of The Bus Concept"Net Talent" Performance System.

"If you cannot duplicate and validate...It's not science!"

Wayne Carpenter

Simple Pop Quiz

When selecting candidates...How do you currently determine the winners from the pretenders?

When promoting employees...how do you currently determine how well a strong performer in one position will fit in the new position? (Have you ever seen a strong sales person who struggled as a sales manager? We have those answers for you!

Do you currently assume everyone should be trained the same way? In fact, there are 9 different learning styles.

If you would be interested in viewing the industry's MOST REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE SYSTEM...Give us a call.  It may prove to be one of the best decisions you'll make this year.

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Does this technology really work?

I am writing to thank you for the profile assessment tools you have created and made available to me and my businesses.  These reports have been instrumental in our hiring a higher percentage of top performers, across the board, in all areas of the business.  In one of my businesses, VelaPoint, we have profiled several hundred candidates including all persons currently involved in the business.  I am convinced (and regularly tell people) that more than any other factor, the reports are what have set VelaPoint apart from the competition.  The results are dramatic. 

Thank you. 

Warm regards,

 Pierre Gallant    |   Principal

"Protecting Your Path to Success”


What is the Bus Concept™ employee performance system?

The Bus Concept™ is a powerful human performance system that understands that sustainable employee TOP PERFORMANCE becomes predictable when one's natural "Integrated NET TALENT" i.e., critical thinking, internal motivators and natural behaviors ALIGN with the needs of job under consideration.

The 3 Critical Employee Performance Questions you
really want/need  answered:

  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person do the job?
  3. Can and Will this person do the job for ME*?
    (*In my company's environment; reporting to me or my managers)

The Bus Concept™ answers those 3 critical questions with scientific precision. Our performance system is based upon Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman research plus 30 years of non-stop research, application and translation of that work by his most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter. Wayne's lifetime of validated research drives our revolutionary "Net Talent" business models.

The Bus Concept...What's all the buzz about?

The Buzz is that the business community is beginning to discover that "getting the desired results" through your people can become a predictable science. The application of this performance science is the foundation of the Bus Concept performance system. We provide the scientific performance measurements that you can meld with your interview process.  The result is a performance system that really works and enables you to identify the pretenders from the top performers.

These performance prediction tools have quietly been used in many of the world's leading organizations and professional sport teams for many years. Our tools are the ARCH ENEMY of Chance!  Sure, you could just make your personnel decisions based upon your face to face interviews...but it's very easy to be fooled by this "first date behavior."  Using our proven performance toolset sees behind the interviewing mask and will reduce your selection errors and provide you with the answers you need BEFORE the hire.  

($$$) Here's the real money question...Can my
organization afford NOT to check this out?

It makes no sense to avoid the $$$ question. Granted, 20 years ago, it WAS very expensive to use this technology. However, we’ve found a way to automate the tedious analysis components and make them available at a cost that works for virtually every organization. Consider what it costs you for a single recruiting fee?  By the way, when we show your bean counters the documented metrics of the improved performance and reduced turnover that follows our system…any concerns you might have had about cost should go right out the window.

The Bus Concept business models were crafted for the way too busy business owner, executive and manager who finds him/herself spending more time fighting fires and playing catch up rather than driving the bus toward the targeted organizational performance goals.

The success of the Bus Concept™ is found in our ability to deconstruct performance and provide our clients with a series of step by step sequential elements that show them HOW to attract the right people to the organization; HOW to get the right people ON the bus; HOW to get them in the RIGHT SEATS on the bus...and HOW to leverage the company's teamwork efforts across the organization in order to optimize the available talent and the strong results that always follow when you can align "Net Talent" with organizational goals.

It’s OK to be skeptical, we’ll prove it to you!

Our tools are the only ones to measure NET TALENT.  That is the strength of the strengths impacted by the strengths of the performance blockers that interfere with the ability to access the strengths when needed!.  It's what you always needed to know...It is now available!Stop the guesswork. Call us (Toll Free: 800-240-7327) or email us  We promise to show you our revolutionary performance systems for solving the employee performance puzzle.

Contact us for a complementary analysis and demonstration of this technology in YOUR organization.  Seriously, you're going to be impressed.


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